UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research
( An Autonomous Institution of University Grants Commission, New Delhi )
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Individual may contact S.C.Das for any mismatch of information (
Dr. G. Amarendra
Phone: +91-44-27480500 ext: 21919, 21918 (Off)

Email: ga(AT), amarendrag(AT)

Dr. G.M. Bhalerao

Contact for:
Transmission Electron Microscopy, IR Image Furnace
Phone: +91-44-27480500 ext: 21917

Email: gmbhalerao(AT),gmbhalerao(AT)

Dr. S. Chakravarty

Contact for :
GIXRD, Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)
Phone: +91-44-27480500 ext: 21917
Email: scha(AT), mr.sujoy79(AT)

Dr. Shamima Hussain

Contact for:
FESEM/EDX, Materials synthesis and  preparation, XPS

Phone: +91 (0)44 27480500 ext: 21914
Email: sh(AT), shamimah1(AT)

Dr. A. Bharathi
CSIR Emeritus Scientist

Contact For:

Multiferroicity in Metal organic frameworks and Study of transport behaviour of topological insulators/metals

Phone: +91 (0)44 27480500 ext: 21915
Email: bharathi(AT), bharathisundar(AT)