Dr. V. Raghavendra Reddy
Indore Centre


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# Facility Specification Best suit for
1 Langmuir Blodgett Deposition (VRR)
2 Table-top coater (VRR) For coating metallic (Au) contact of few nm thickness Can be coated on pellets and substrates with suitable masks
3 Spin-Coating (VRR) Programmable operation Acceleration: 0 – 3,000 rpm/ sec RPM: 0-10,000 Vacuum chuck for holding the substrates Suitable chemicals for the preparation of solution
4 Microwave assisted hybrid high temperature (1400 C) furnace (VRR)
5 Mössbauer spectrometer (VRR) Both transmission and conversion electron modes available; Velocity range ± 40 cm/sec; Isotopes available Fe-57, Sn-119; Only for Transmission : Temperature range 4.2 - 300 K, 300 - 1000 K, External magnetic field at low temperatures 0 - 7 Tesla (longitudinal and transverse) Powder for transmission and film for conversion mode consisting the Mossbauer active nuclei
6 P-E loop tracer & Dielectric (VRR) Ferroelectric loop (P-E loop) tracer capable of measuring ferroelectric hysteresis loops, piezoelectric displacement, leakage current, fatigue etc., on ceramics (low T, high T) and thin films (4.2 - 300 K and 2.5 Tesla) Ceramic pellets, for Films with suitable contacts
7 HRXRD (thin film XRD) (VRR) theta-theta goniometer with 0.0001 deg step size, 3kW X-ray generator with Cu target, Gobel mirror, LiF monochromator, LynxEye detector; XRR, GIXRD, RSM, phi-scans, standing wave based experiments Thin films
8 MOKE: magnetometer and microscopy (VRR) Temp: 4.2 – 300 K & 300 - 600 K; Magnetic Field: In-plane: 1 Tesla (at RT) & 0.32 Tesla (Temp variation) Out-of plane: 1 Tesla (at RT) & 100 mT (Temp variation) ; CCD 16 frames/sec Reflecting surface; For temp dependent (5 x 5 mm2)


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