Dr. Gopal M. Bhalerao
Kalpakkam Node


Degree Institution Specialisation Year
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# Facility Specification Best suit for
1 Transmission Electron Microscope FEG with 200 kV operation with TEM line resolution of 0.14 nm. Analytical capabilities : EDS; and EELS using the in-column energy filter. Non-magnetic, vaccum compatible, non-biological, non-radioactive.
2 IRFZ Single Crystal Growth Furnace Vaccum upto 5x10-5 mbar and Maximum gas pressure 9.5 atmosphere. Temperature ~1800 C. Maximum crystal growth length ~100 mm Presynthesized polycrystalline feed rods (minimum two per sample), well sintered with ~100 mm length and ~6 mm diameter
3 Microhardness tester
4 Sample Preparation for Microscopy (TEM)
5 Ball Indentation Ball indentation technique is applied to obtain tensile, hardness and fracture properties of materials using miniature specimens. Operating temperature: -160 deg. C to +700 deg. C 17 kN capacity load frame Spherical indenters of 0.25, 0.51, 0.76 and 1.57 mm diameter Motorised X-Y table with high resolution video camera Please contact for details
6 Small Punch Creep System Creep curve and rupture life can be obtained by testing small specimen of size 10mm x10mm x 0.5mm Maximum temperature: 700 deg. C Maximum load capacity: 2 kN Environment: argon atmosphere Load controlled and strain controlled modes of testing Please contact for details


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