Indore Centre

Indore Centre (IC) of the Consortium is supporting university users for extensive research program based on beamlines at RRCAT Indus synchrotrons and in-house-facilities at the centre. Photo electron spectroscopy (PES) and soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) beamlines set up at the Indus 1 & 2, respectively, by the Consortium have been very effectively used leading to many remarkable experiments. Researchers are supported through large number of CRS projects that are ongoing at various beamlines of Indus 1 & 2 covering experiments in condensed matter, imaging, protein crystallography, materials chemistry etc. The IC has a very wide range of advanced material science facilities for synthesis, characterization & front-line research. It has set up advanced cryogenics facilities for liquid nitrogen and helium. A strong user program is supported for the study of materials behaviour under low temperatures and high magnetic (LTHM) fields. The facilities are open to all the researchers through user portal.

Indore Centre of UGC-DAE CSR focusses on various aspects of condensed matter physics and related fields e.g.

Utilization of Indus synchrotron radiation at RRCAT
Magnetism and magnetic materials
Low temperature physics and Cryogenics
Dielectrics, ferroelectrics and multiferroics
Crystal growth
Strongly correlated electron systems
Thin films, multilayers and interfaces
Materials for energy applications
Surface physics
Theoretical physics
Nano materials
Topological materials
Electronics and instrumentation
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