Dr. Shamima Hussain
Kalpakkam Node


Degree Institution Specialisation Year
Position Institution Year


# Facility Specification Best suit for
1 Raman Spectrophotometer M/s Renishaw inVia spectrophotometer; 514nm(Arion) and 785 (Diode laser) solid samples- poweders, thin films, pellets, etc; sample height less than 0.5 cm
2 X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscope M/s Specs , Germany solid samples in thin films or pellet format; sample dimensions less than 0.8 cm X 0.8 cm; height less than 0.5cm
3 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope M/s Carl Zeiss SUPRA 55 FESEM solid samples- powders, thin films, pellets,etc ; ultra high vacuum compatible, stable under vacuum; maximumsample dimensions 0.5X0.5X0.2mm
4 e-beam evaporation system M/s HHV, India make, 3kW Gun, 4-carousel system ultra high pure source material; vacuum compatible crucibles - material specific
5 High Energy Ball Milling System SIMOLAYER (M/s Zoz, Germany) Minimum sample requirement 150 gms
6 Focussed Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope
7 Box Furnace
8 Sample preparation for Microscopy (SEM) High precision instruments for various steps of sample preparation for SEM studies Solid samples - thin films, pellets, ingots, blocks,etc;
9 Chemical Synthesis facilities


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