Dr. Souvik Chatterjee
Kolkata Centre


Degree Institution Specialisation Year
Bachelor of Science Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira (University of Calcutta)) Physics (Hons.) 2003
Master of Science University of Calcutta Physics 2005
Ph.D. (Science) Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (Jadavpur University) Magnetism 2011
Position Institution Year
Research Associate Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science March 2011-January 2012
Scientist UGC-DAE CSR Kolkata Centre January 2012 - present


# Facility Specification Best suit for
1 X-Ray Diffractometer Having powder and thin film measurement option Powder or thin film
2 Tube Furance Maximum temperature 1400 degree centigrage Powder or pellet
3 Planetary Ball Mill It can be used in ambient as well as in an inert atmosphere. Powder
4 Vacuum Annealing Furnance Maximum temperature 1100 degree centigrade Pellet
5 SQUID Magnetometer Having dc magnetization and ac susceptibility measurement option under ambient and high pressure condition Preferably in pellet form.
6 15 Tesla cryogen free system with VSM, Resistivity, Dielectric, and Pyroelectric measurement options Having VSM (both dc magnetization and ac susceptibility), Resistivity, Dielectric and Pyroelectric measurement option Preferably in pellet form
7 4K CCR for zero field resistivity, dielectric and P-E loop measurement Resistivity, dielectric and P-E loop measurements in zero field. Temperature range:- 2.8-300 K Pellet or thin film
8 Tri-arc Furnace Maximum attainable temperature 3500 degree centigrade Powder form of the constituent elements are not preferred
9 Resistive Furnaces Maximum temperature 1600 degree centigrage Powder or pellet


Research highlights




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